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Here at Peter Maud we pride ourselves in excellent training and investment in our hair stylists of the future. This is why we have such an emphasis on in-salon training. We run weekly training sessions in our academy which is run by Elaine Dobson. Elaine has over 15 years hairdressing experience and as such is a perfect candidate to pass this experience onto the very much valued younger members of staff. Our academy is also used regularly by L’Oréal for their courses. These range from guest stylists to the vast range of colouring courses.

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Peter Maud becomes L’Oréal Educational Centre of excellence for Northern Ireland

Peter’s previous training and experience of working as an art director in Sydney, led to his belief that each salon visit is not just about receiving a good haircut, it is about the training and education that hairdressers receive and the service the client receives for the whole time that they are in the salon.

This belief in training and education was recognized and rewarded by L’Oréal Professional when they asked Peter to become the L’Oréal Educational Centre of Excellence for Northern Ireland. Peter and his salon now hold almost every L’Oréal training course and seminar which takes place in Northern Ireland and regularly has hairdressing icons such as Trevor Sorbie and Guy Kremer in the salon amongst many others hosting. Established 14 years ago, the L’Oréal Portfilio of Artistic Hairdressers is an exclusive group of British Hairdressers who have been recognized for their creativity, experience and expertise in the field of professional hairdressing.

L’Oréal Portfolio

Renowned for their outstanding technical skills, as well as their artistic flair, these eminent hairdressers share a common goal: to consistently raise the profile of the British Hairdressing Industry. As keen competitors in national and international events, the cutting, colouring and styling skills of these acknowledged experts are often on show, inspiring the hairdressers world-wide. Their stage work is complimented with style shots and profiles in magazines – L’Oréal Portfolio hairdressers are often journalists first point of call when searching for advice on new products on haircare.

A visit to a L’Oréal Portfolio salon is always a pampering and enjoyable experience as customer care is a top priority. Full client consultations and follow-up care are key to each salon’s philosophy and every staff member is expected to adhere to the highest standards of hairdressing. Combining artistry and vision with constantly evolving technical skills and an exceptional level of service, members of the L’Oréal Portfolio of Artistic Hairdressers are, without doubt, the nation’s finest hairdressers.

Always quick to face a challenge, television is another medium through which L’Oréal Portfolio hairdressers display their talents and artistry. Constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary hairdressing to their limits, these hairdressers continue to surprise and delight. The L’Oréal Portfolio of Artistic Hairdressers also plays a key role in passing on knowledge to the younger generation. Many Portfolio members teach specialised classes at the L’Oréal Technical Centre in London, which is regarded as a Centre of Excellence for hairdressing education. Courses are also held at numerous regional venues up and down the country. Students and qualified stylists come from all corners of the UK to learn new techniques and to be inspired by these recognised experts.